Marigold Learning Academy ABA Therapy Center ABA Therapy Center - Specializing
in Autism and Related Disabilities.

How to Apply

The registration process is designed to match client with recommended placement.  The process includes a review of previous assessments, tour of our center, parent meeting and an assessment of the student’s current skill level.

Excepting Insurance for ABA Therapy

Registration Process

Step 1: Call the school office at 972-722-3892 to schedule an interview and a tour of our program.

Step 2:Complete registration forms for admission into our ABA Therapy program or our Self-Pay Based Program.

Step 3: Completed information can be hand delivered, faxed, or mailed.

Upon receipt of application and completed forms, the executive director will promptly communicate with the client. Marigold Learning Academy is dedicated to making your admission process as smooth as possible.

Fees are based on a number of factors including:

  • Insurance coverage of ABA Therapy
  • Ratio of services 1:1, 2:1, 3:1
  • Days/Hours per week of services

Service Payments:

  • Self-Pay is billed Bi-weekly/monthly for self-pay families
  • Therapy is billed monthly for insurance covered families

Self-Pay: We offer a Self-Pay rate for clients who do not have insurance or whose insurance plans are self-funded and do not allow for coverage of services. Contact our team to discuss in further detail.


"The teachers and Director care for my child in ways that I thought only a mother could and yet they have made improvements in her that I never could have done alone. Thank you, Marigold for giving me and my daughter the tools in our tool box to succeed in life." Christina